2 Sep 2015

CEO Newsflash: ‘Projects deliver strategic change initiatives’

At our recent Symposium it was fantastic to hear the CEO of JB Were Justin Greiner talking about the business value to organisations of having suitable project delivery capabilities.

If only we had more CEO’s like Justin (& Andy Penn CEO Telstra) fully appreciating the importance and value of developing project delivery capabilities within their organisations.

The fact is, if CEO’s want to be successful then project delivery capability is absolutely critical. How can you successfully execute strategy if you don’t have the capability to deliver projects? It’s just not going to happen or at the very least not without a lot of unnecessary pain & grief!!!

Projects deliver strategic change so we can achieve successful business outcomes. If an organisation wants to change (in any way) the underlying vehicle used to do this has to be a ’project’ of some shape or form!

As Sam Savage once said “The only certainty now is that there is no certainty” change is now a constant, and if organisations want to survive they need to be able to do it more quickly and more often.

Any organisation who wants to change must have project delivery capabilities to facilitate and execute these changes if they want to survive, but then again as W. Edwards Deming once said “No one has to change. Survival is optional”!

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