2 Sep 2015

Get the Organisational Culture Right and Success WILL Follow!

blog-2Peter Jackson (CEO Melbourne Football Club) spoke at our Symposium dinner event and the feedback has been fantastic. In fact a few particular ladies & gentlemen have expressed a keen desire to work for Peter should any suitable opportunity arise! I think there can be no better compliment.


Having had a bit of time to digest I wanted to share some of my thoughts and get other peoples?

To me this presentation (like all of the others from the Symposium) was absolute gold and contained some hugely valuable insights which I believe need to be captured and documented.

Peter is clearly a very inspirational leader who generates a huge amount of respect & loyalty from his team. Without a doubt I would happily put Peter down as a great leadership role model for myself or anybody else.

For me the KEY messages from Peter were:-

Culture first then success! The starting point is to put in place the right CULTURE and then success will follow (as Peter proved via his AFL matrix). This is the foundation of everything!

Culture starts at the top. To get the culture right in an organisation it must come from the very top. The right governance structure must be put in place first and then with time and hard work the right culture will follow. Beware: Reward the wrong behaviours you will get the culture you deserve!

Leadership ≠ Management. Leadership & management are 2 very different disciplines (both are important and have there place) but Leadership more so in getting the work done!

In football maximising human capital is everything. In football, the clubs assets are its people! Clubs don’t own the land, the only thing they’ve got are the people, and it’s critical they make the most use of their human capital. Is this not a very pure & visible example of good or bad leadership? The top leaders can’t do it themselves on the field; they must rely on the 15+ players to get the job done. It’s a very brutal world, where there is nowhere to hide results are very visible and immediate.

A leader’s BIGGEST responsibility. As Leaders we have a great responsibility to create the right environment for people to come to work. Each of us spends a huge amount of our time at the workplace and it is a big part of each of our lives. People are not really motivated by money and as leaders we must create an environment where people enjoy coming to work and can grow & develop and be challenged.

I strongly believe that Peter has (over the last 2 years) laid a very solid foundation for Melbourne Football Club to be successful again, and as a regularly betting Irishman I’m guessing that success for this great Club will soon follow!

Have I missed anything else important? Please feel free to comment and share your thoughts.

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