10 Mar 2016

PMI Melbourne Chapter – 22nd March 2016

Adapt or Die!


The Head of Project Delivery at one of Australia’s fastest growing companies believes that the traditional role of the Project Manager is DYING or in some cases it’s even dead already. Why does he think this? This is a question we believe every project manager should want to know the answer to! This session will aim to explain WHY he thinks that, and most importantly what we can do to stop this potential demise?

It’s predicted that the change coming in the next 5 years will be greater than
the last 20 years combined!!!

Every Project Manager needs to wake up and pay VERY close attention! There is a disruption storm happening ‘now’ which will continue to gather pace & accelerate, and we strongly believe this will have HUGE implications on the future of project delivery.

If you want to be confident of having a job in 5 years time we believe this is an important session for you to attend.

The GOOD NEWS is that if we embrace this new world you’ll set yourself on the path to lifetime employment; as the people with these combined skills will be an extremely valuable commodity and as such will always be considered a highly valuable member of any organisation.

Be ready to be CHALLENGED & DISRUPTED (for your own good)!!!

“If the rate of change on the outside exceeds the rate of change on the inside the end is near

Jack Welch



Presenter A: Stephen Dowling (Irish Steve)
Stephen is the founder of ETM and has over 25 years of international business experience. He has worked at a senior level with companies such as Reuters, Shell, and Baxter Healthcare. As a project manager he has successfully delivered many different types of projects, the largest being a complex upgrade of a US$2bn ERP system across 17 countries in Europe. Over the last 4 yrs he has built a reputation as an exceptional course designer and workplace trainer focused on supporting & developing world class ‘Project Leaders’ of the future.
Stephen Dowling





Presenter B: Stephen Callaghan (Scottish Steve)

Stephen is currently the Agile Transformational Lead at AGL Energy which is currently undergoing a massive digital transformation. Stephen is seen as one of the most experienced & successful Agile transformational professionals in Australia. Previous major employers have included Medibank, Unified Healthcare Group and Shine Technologies. Stephen’s core competency is in transforming businesses large and small using the best relevant and applicable methods from the Lean / Design Thinking and Agile practices tool set.
Stephen Callaghan

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