26 Feb 2015

The power of culture & how we create it!

I’ve been thinking a little bit about this over the last few weeks trying my best to join a few dots!

Recently I saw this fantastic quote (& picture) of the legend himself ‘Peter Drucker’!

Peter Drucker

How true is this?

Get the culture right and many things will automatically follow!

One seriously has to question the value of spending lots of time developing long term strategic plans in the current VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex & Ambiguous) environment.

To survive we need to build and maintain organizational cultures which will embrace change, encourage collaboration and give people the courage to constantly try new things, as this will allow us to be better able to adapt to this rapidly changing environment. Failure should be celebrated along the way (as it’s going to happen a lot), and we must accept continuous improvement as a way of life.

So how can we go about creating the right ‘Culture’ for an organisation?

Last year I was very fortunate to get introduced to an unbelievable company called Atlassian. I’m not sure how many people might know this name but it turns out to be probably the MOST successful technology start up company in the history of Australia! What an amazing success story, and what these boys & girls are doing now is right out there at the cutting edge. Absolutely amazing and inspiring stuff!!!

One of the things I absolutely loved was their VALUES video Atlassian Values.I especially like the one ‘Don’t F$#K the Customer’!

In strategy we always talk about the importance of having a company vision and answering the critical (Simon Sinek) ‘WHY do we exist question’? This is so important to be able to motivate & inspire people, however, a vital ingredient to enable the right culture to take hold is to ensure we surround that vision with a set of company values that people truly live & breath like Atlassian appears to do.

Culture Picture

By doing this I believe we can grow the right culture for any organisation.

What do people think?

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