Business Process Improvement

(Online Course)

Online Business Improvement Course

Learn various strategic tools such as Magic Wand, Now-Where-How, Mindshop Process, Force Field Analysis, One Page Plan and many more. Develop a list of key issues or opportunities and use your newly developed Sustainable Competitive Advantage as a filter to identify the most strategic ones. Walk away with a One Page Plan for your organization and a strong understanding of key strategic tools.


  • Online, secure access, 24/7 • High quality streaming videos
  • Interactive area for instant implementation of new skills
  • Easy to use
  • 80 question, multiple choice final exam
  • Instantly returns to where you last saved for quick resuming

This course will provide you with a set of easy to implement business tools and processes for driving successful change in any business, division or individual.

Key Learning

  • Identify your top 3 current growth and profit issues/opportunities
  • Develop a clear vision for your business
  • Identify the factors required to create successful change in a business
  • Find out what is your organization’s Sustainable Competitive Advantage (SCA)
  • Prioritize the strategic issues in your organization
  • Drive your project teams based on a 8 week cycle
  • Develop powerful strategies and put them into action using the Mindshop tools
  • Discover how to be a more effective coach • Develop a One Page Business Plan


  • Fast-track your learning of Business Improvement related tools/processes
  • Instantly implement your new skills on yourself or your own business
  • Work through the course at a time that bests suits you
  • Higher retained learning of new tools/techniques
  • 14 PDU Hours


$385 (includes GST).
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