Change Success

Workshop Overview

This high level workshop is intended to provide all participants with a new ‘simple & practical’ tool to significantly help improve the chances of delivering successful change initiatives.

This new evidence based tool was developed here in Australia by our strategic partner Mindshop and is based on 9 years of academic research published in late 2014.

This model is now being successfully used globally by hundreds of business advisors.

    Workshop Content
    • Welcome & Introduction
    • Change model explained
    • Practical application of the tool
    • Closure & review
    ETM Change Success Model courses

    ”No one has to change survival is optional”

    - W. Edwards Deming

Learning Outcomes

ETM’s expectation will be that ALL participants walk away from our short course with the following:

  • To complete a readiness assessment of a selected change initiative
  • To identify some strategies & actions to help improve the chances of delivering a successful change initiative.
  • Participants to be confident in applying this new very powerful ‘simple & practical’ tool


This in-house workshop is ½ day.

Who Should Attend?

This workshop is targeted at anyone who wants to learn a new simple & practical tool which can help to significantly improve the chances of delivering successful change initiatives.


Prices are available on request.

Workshop Video