Consulting Facilitation

(Online Course)

Consultants and Facilitators are not born, they are made. The Mindshop Consulting Facilitation Process (CFP) is your next step to making it happen. An effective consultant is a facilitator, motivator, coach, teacher, expert and leader all in one package. This course will cover the key elements of being an effective consultant or facilitator. It is based on decades of consulting experience to both small businesses and multinationals,


  • Online, secure access, 24/7
  • High quality streaming videos
  • Interactive area for instant implementation of new skills
  • Easy to use
  • 80 question, multiple choice final exam
  • Instantly returns to where you last saved for quick resuming

This course will provide you with a set of easy to implement business tools and processes for driving successful change in any business, division or individual.

Key Learning

  • Create a powerful strategy for your advisory business
  • Find out what is your business model
  • Discover how to effectively package products or services for clients
  • Develop an Income Matrix for your business
  • Improve your facilitation skills
  • Become an effective coach
  • Design a powerful presentation or program
  • Understand the seven learning principles
  • Develop your One Page Facilitation Plan


  • Fast-track your learning of Consulting Facilitation related tools/processes
  • Instantly implement your new skills on yourself or your own business
  • Work through the course at a time that bests suits you
  • Higher retained learning of new tools/techniques
  • 14 PDU Hours


$385 (includes GST).
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