Continuous Process Improvement

Continuous Improvement is aptly named as it describes the outcome as well as the process. A popular Japanese word used is: Kaizen, which means "change for the better". It is used to describe gradual unending improvement by doing little things better and setting and achieving increasingly high standards. Kaizen means continuing improvement for everyone - managers and workers alike.


  • Online, secure access, 24/7 • High quality streaming videos
  • Interactive area for instant implementation of new skills
  • Easy to use
  • 80 question, multiple choice final exam
  • Instantly returns to where you last saved for quick resuming

This course will provide you with a set of easy to implement business tools and processes for driving successful change in any business, division or individual.

Key Learning

  • Discover how to get commitment to the Continuous Improvement process internally
  • Learn strategic and problem solving tools for use with teams
  • Find out how to reduce waste using the 7 Wastes process
  • Learn manufacturing tools such as DMAIC, 5 5, Six Sigma and FMEA
  • Build the right teams to drive successful change
  • Learn the 8 week team cycle and project team revitalization
  • Develop Key Performance Indicators
  • Develop a One Page Continuous Improvement Plan
  • Make Continuous Improvement an on-going, sustainable process using Plan Do Check Act (PDCA)


  • Fast-track your learning of Continuous Improvement related tools/processes
  • Instantly implement your new skills on yourself or your own business
  • Work through the course at a time that bests suits you
  • Higher retained learning of new tools/techniques
  • 14 PDU Hours


$385 (includes GST).
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