Self Confidence

(Online Course)

You tend to hear in the business world that people have a clear plan, a good idea of the direction they are heading and have surrounded themselves with the right people. However, most still struggle to achieve the success they are seeking. One of the key blockages tends to be their low level of 'self-confidence'. Outwardly, it may not be visible that a person is lacking in confidence, but it can surface in people stating for example, that they don't seem to have many new opportunities or they tend to blame others for all their issues. This can result in behaviours which are actually self-sabotaging.


  • Online, secure access, 24/7 • High quality streaming videos
  • Interactive area for instant implementation of new skills
  • Easy to use
  • 80 question, multiple choice final exam
  • Instantly returns to where you last saved for quick resuming

Even if you perceive you are quite confident this course can help you lift your confidence to another level.

Key Learning

  • Learn how to build your self-confidence
  • Understand how to overcome self-sabotage
  • Define and clarify your life purpose
  • Learn how to create a positive self-picture
  • How to address change issues upfront
  • Understand how to overcome negative self-talk


  • Fast-track your learning of Continuous Improvement related tools/processes
  • Instantly implement your new skills on yourself or your own business
  • Work through the course at a time that bests suits you
  • Higher retained learning of new tools/techniques
  • 14 PDU Hours


$385 (includes GST).
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