Executive Sponsorship

A new ‘best of breed’ workshop in project sponsorship

Workshop Overview

We aim to provide a ‘world class’ executive and senior management workshop which clearly explains the critical role of the project sponsor in setting your organisation up to deliver successful project outcomes.

Sometimes there can be a level of dis-connect between the executive leadership team and the operational delivery teams.

This workshop is all about trying to ensure everyone is on the same page, clarifying the important keys to success and the critical roles & responsibilities of each party.

  • Importance of Project Management
    • Defining projects
    • Projects vs. operations
  • Foundations of project success
  • The ‘end to end’ project management process
  • Role of the ‘Project Sponsor’
  • Role of the ‘Project Manager’
  • Steering Committees or Project Boards
  • Closure & Review

Learning Outcomes

  • To appreciate the importance of project management.
  • To know the foundations of delivering successful project outcomes.
  • To understand the critical role of project governance.
  • A clear understanding of why the project sponsor role is so critical to achieving project success
  • A detailed understanding of the role & responsibilities of a “Project Sponsor’ and a ‘Project Manager’
  • To understand the role of a steering committee or project board and to get some best practice tips in establishing.


This in-house workshop is half day.

Who Should Attend?

This workshop is targeted at anyone who currently is or will be an executive sponsor. Participants could include executive and senior level management or organisational managers aspiring to be ‘world class’ executive sponsors.


Prices are available on request

Corporate Delivery?

A custom session can be designed for individual corporate clients. Prices are available on request. Please contact the ETM team at corporate@etmmanagement.com.au or call on +61 3 9556 1407.

‘The most important person in any project is the Executive Sponsor’