Project From Hell

Workshop Outline

The impact and pain of poorly performing projects can be huge to any organisation. Unsatisfied customers, cost blowouts, missed deadlines, lost opportunities, wasted resources, and if this is not enough, just think about the impact on morale and motivation! Attend this 1 day workshop and learn what it takes to achieve project success, by participating in rescuing the Project from Hell. This is an exciting and enjoyable workshop which focuses on teaching participants the important principles of project management, in a fun, engaging and realistic way. Workshop participants are given a specific failing project scenario to analyse and understand. The challenge will be to figure out what went wrong and why? Learn what NOT to do!

Workshop learning outcomes

  • To understand and appreciate the important principles of project management
  • To know and understand the important keys to project success
  • To be aware of the main project failure pitfalls, so that we can take steps to avoid

Workshop format?

Delegates are divided into a number of teams whose role is to analyse a failed project case study, and then present back their findings to the group. What went wrong and why? What can we do now? How do we make sure it does not happen in future? Prizes will be awarded for the best presentations.

Relevance across business sectors?

We believe this workshop is relevant across ALL business sectors. The events encountered by the delegates are based on actual events taken from many projects reflecting painful personal and financial lessons learnt by real project teams in different business sectors.

Who benefits from attending?

In today’s world most of us will be involved in managing and delivering projects whether we like it or not. The importance of knowing the principles of projects management is relevant for all. For existing project professionals it will provide a good refresher to ensure one has not lapsed into bad ways.

How the workshop can be used?

The workshop can be used at an executive or operational team level. It can be run as an independent event or as a component of bigger events (e.g. Project Management training programme, project kick off, company conference or just team building activity).

Corporate Delivery?

A custom workshop can be designed for corporate clients. Prices are available on request. Please contact the ETM team at or call on +61 3 9556 1407.