• “Stephen (& ETM) have been absolutely instrumental in uplifting our large project delivery team of over 500 people in our new ways of working.  Most importantly, he has navigated our VUCA environment to identify the key learning areas that will help our teams to focus on the great outcomes that these agile and lean methods deliver.  We highly value his pragmatic, focussed approach, and his versatility in working with us to adapt his training as our world continues to evolve.  Stephen’s energy is infectious, and we are excited to have partnered with ETM at an Enterprise level to deliver ongoing support
    across the Bank for our agile transformation.”.

    Katherine Epsom
    New Ways of Working | Enterprise Project Delivery – National Australia Bank Limited 
  • Stephen Dowling was the educator for the Department of Health and Human Services “Project Management Essentials” course. Stephen is an engaging and pragmatic educator who was able to draw from his considerable experience in the industry to illustrate and provide context to the methodologies taught. Stephen provided useful tools, templates and resources that have continued to be of value to the national and state wide projects that I have managed and coordinated as a program manager at the Department of Health.

    Helen Lowy
    Program Manager Medicines in Mental Health and Wellbeing Department of Health and Human Services Victoria
  • ETM Management Training delivered their 2-day Project Management Essentials program for my team at the Department of Justice. The course delivered by Stephen Dowling has met it objectives and received great feedback from attendees. It provided the team with a simplified and practical view of best practice project management. Stephen was very engaging and helped the team to relate content to our own specific environment. I am happy to recommend Stephen and this program to any organisation that seeks a practical and structured way of managing projects.

    Adnan Yacoub
    Manager – Risk and Governance Working with Children Check Unit Department of Justice – Victoria
  • “This Project Management Essentials course strikes an excellent balance between the volume of vital content and how variability can be introduced so that it can be applied to my workplace. Credit goes to Stephen Dowling for his depth of knowledge, humor, vast experience in the project management field, and his ability to respond to any questions raised or even probe further so we can offer solutions of our own. He was able to draw us into the mindset of a project leader very quickly, and think about how the lessons we learn can be applied to our workplace.”

    Victoria Brown
    Strategic Planning Officer
  • ETM’s Project Management Essentials course was informative, enjoyable and inspiring. Having only ever managed projects based on my own ‘on-the-job’ experience and without a formal qualification- I was apprehensive and intimidated prior to the training. There was an abundance of knowledge about the field and its related practices- I never thought I would be able to walk away from the two-day course being able to manage a project for the first time start to finish.

    However, the course over delivered! Not only was I equipped with an understanding of the fundamental elements of project management, I also built up a bank of essential tools to assist with my workload. The material was delivered in an engaging and stimulating manner. I was motivated to return to work the next day and implement many new processes, documents, reports and plans- all of which were well received and appreciated within my team. I would recommend this course to both new professionals within the industry as well as experienced project managers. There is much to be gained from Stephen’s wealth of knowledge and extensive experience. Enjoy!

    Mikki Lipson
  • “In August 2015, I attended a 5 day PMP prep course facilitated by Stephen Dowling in Melbourne. It was an excellent course, well-run and structured, and provided me with excellent preparation for the PMP exam, which I passed 4 weeks later. Stephen has a passion for Project Management, not only in the correct implementation of the PMBOK principles, but also for the role of PMs as being leaders. His passion and enthusiasm is evident in the way he presents the course. Stephen has a wealth of practical real-world experience which he imparts during the course, but at all times there is a continued focus on what is required to pass the PMP exam. He has the ability to take the PMBOK guidelines and show how best it could be implemented in real world projects. I would highly recommend Stephen for any future Project Management training that you or your organization may be considering”.

    Patrick Callaghan
    Telecommunications/IT Project Manager (PMP)
  • “Stephen’s course in Project Management (PM Essentials) was fantastic. He covered the exact topics I had been looking for. The material was practical and delivered in a clear, easy to digest format and thoroughly enjoyable. I now feel empowered with the knowledge to approach my manufacturing projects in a structured manor and know that what I have learnt in this course will be immediately useful in my day to day project management activities.”

    Travis Beck
    Manufacturing Project Manager
  • “After signing up for the PMP Training course my expectation was to pass the exam. However, I got much more out of it after attending it. Not only was I able to pass the PMP exam the following week after the course but also gain in depth understanding of key PMP topics, methodology and terminology used as well as an overall understanding of Project Management discipline and its meaning in the broader context of delivering change. Steve delivered the training course in a well organized manner by focusing on all key areas of PMP curriculum while calling out most important items not only for passing the exam but for being able to successfully deliver project outcomes. I would strongly recommend attending this training course to everyone who is serious about passing the PMP exam as well as for preparing for becoming a professional within the Project Management discipline.”

    Janis Ivanovskis
    Manager Accenture
  • The Creative Problem Solving Course offers a practical approach to problem solving together with a range of approaches and tools that can be used immediately at the project level

    Alison Natt
    Project Manager
  • For me, the course paid for itself in my next week at work and continues to reap dividends, I heartily recommend this course to all decision makers, not just project managers, as a great course to improve the quality of thought at work, and frankly, in one’s personal life.

    Joel Stroup
    General Manager Media Delivery Telstra
  • ‘Our entire leadership team participated in a two-day workshop run by ETM Management and it has greatly helped us to completely transform the way we approach, manage and discharge projects. We will never look at project management in the same way again.’

    Marc Ratcliffe
    CEO and Founder – MRWED
  • “We engaged ETM Management Training with a view to lifting the level of project management discipline in key areas of our business.  We found the training to be well structured and carefully tailored to our requirements, including well researched case studies.  The training delivery was excellent, with very positive feedback from attendees.  The skills and tools acquired by students have
    led to a general uplift in this area across our business”.

    John Rogers
    Executive General Manager – Wilson Security
  • “Program Management Office (PMO) plays a crucial role in actively guiding and supporting the implementation of key strategic initiatives in an organisation. At Warrnambool Cheese and Butter, the PMO was established in January 2013 with the aim of providing governance for large cross-functional growth initiatives for the business.

    The PMO also provides guidance and support for all other business projects from a framework/ mentoring and coaching perspective and building Project Management capability within the organisation.

    Within a short period of 2 years the PMO is now embedded as a way of working at WCB and has facilitated the successful delivery of a large number of projects within the business.

    To reach this level of maturity within such a short space of time has been achieved by investing in building Program Management knowledge and capability within the organisation from the Exec through to shop floor supervisors and managers.

    We have achieved this by partnering  with Stephen Dowling from ETM Management Training who has worked with WCB in delivering tailored Introductory and Advanced Training sessions across all levels of the organisation and the
    results speak for themselves”.

    Ross Martin
    General Manager ICT & PMO
  • nab-logoStephen Dowling of ETM Management Training has worked with NAB for several years now providing an engaging and professional introductory Project Management course.  His course gets great reviews from our participants and he is known here as a “best of breed” PM trainer.

    Hazel Brown
    Manager – PM Capability – NAB
  • Marc Ratcliffe
  • “We engaged ETM Management Training with a view to lifting the level of project management discipline in key areas of our business. We found the training to be well structured and carefully tailored to our requirements, including well researched case studies. The training delivery was excellent, with very positive feedback from attendees. The skills and tools acquired by students have led to a general uplift in this area across our business”.

    John Rogers
    National Operations Manager – Wilsons Security
  • “I attended the Project Management Essentials course in 2014. The course not only provided the theory of project management in simple language, but also how the theory can be applied to both large and small projects. Both the presenter and material provided were of an extremely high standard and using real-world examples made it all the more practical. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who is embarking into the field of project management.”

    Dr Sonja Jenkinson
    Director Aviation Industry
  • “I recently attended the Project Management Essentials course in Melbourne. It was an informative 2 day course that provided me with skills I could take back to my workplace and apply immediately. Stephen is an engaging presenter who delivers the material in a way that is entertaining and easy to understand, and the small group means that
    everyone gets personal attention when needed. I would not hesitate to recommend this course to others.”

    Megan Watkins
    Business Operations Manager – Tuned Global
  • “I was thrilled to participate in a recent Project Management course conducted by ETM. I have historically found project management courses to be dry and uninspiring. Consequently, I was thrilled that Stephen presented his course using relevant activities, a good balance of theory and real-world application, and some good humour, where appropriate. I am confident that our organisations project management capabilities have been substantially enhanced by undertaking this training. Super job Stephen”

    Damian Noud
    Quality & Strategic Development Manager – MRWED
  • “The Project Management Essentials course was one of the most practical and useful courses I’ve done. Through work I’ve been responsible for numerous projects but have never had any formal project management training. This course demonstrated there is so much more to effective project management than I realised. I’m now able to apply a much tighter and more structured approach to project management and have far greater confidence the outcomes will meet expectations.”

    John Devereux
    National Development Manager – DataMotive
  • As a financial services Accountant, I am always charged with projects and project team work so it is important that I am up to date with project management best practice and this is exactly what ETM’s two day Project Management Essentials course provided me with.
    ‘I would highly recommend it to any professional seeking to better manage and understand projects within their industry. Steve and the team provide an excellent course and will empower anybody to become a brilliant project leader.’

    Deborah Power
  • ‘I attended the course and thoroughly enjoyed the two days. Although daunting at first glance, Stephen’s ability to fully explain the concepts and draw on the knowledge of the participants was outstanding.

    ‘We were able to relate the information easily to our own tasks or circumstances.Although I am fairly new to the world of project management, I feel this course was the perfect way to introduce me to what is required to make it work, and show me the pitfalls.

    ‘The training manual and the templates were excellent, and I am sure I will rely heavily on them as I become involved in projects from now on. A very worthwhile training course.

    David Sims
    Logistics Systems Co-ordinator
  • ‘In October 2011 I attended ETM’s two-day Project Management Fundamentals course in Melbourne.
    I was very pleased with the course: the facilitation, the notes and the choice of venue. I learned a lot about project management and I can thoroughly recommend the course if you want to get a simplified and practical view of this complex area. ‘In addition, Stephen is a top class facilitator who encourages participation and interaction which creates an enjoyable learning environment.’

    Dr Cyril Jankoff
    The Risk Doctor BBus (Accy) LLB MBA EdD FCPA
  • The 2 day Project management Essentials course is a great introduction to Project Management. The course is logically written and well presented with lots of practical examples. Stephen is a personable and experienced facilitator – group participation and interaction are encouraged, which enhances learning. The notes and templates are excellent and the choice of venue made the course run very smoothly. I would highly recommend this course for anyone who is looking for a introduction to PM, or would like to consolidate their PM knowledge. Several people from our organisation have also attended this course; everyone has enjoyed and really benefited from it. We look forward to working further with Stephen in the future for further training opportunities.

    Penny Williams
    Project Administrator – Warrnambool Cheese and Butter Factory Holdings Limited
  • “The ETM Project Management Essentials Course is well designed and appropriately structured for those who are keen to gain a good understanding of project management. Stephen presents the course well and it is quickly apparent that he has a wealth of knowledge and experience. I learnt a lot, despite being a lawyer, during the course and would recommend it to others who are considering taking the ETM course.”

    Patrick Oliver
    Lexcel Consulting
  • Going into my final year of uni was daunting; it really is a huge project. ETM Management Training has given me the confidence to be able to manage projects well. The unique and engaging training method used meant that I learnt more in two days than I did in an entire semester! Furthermore, I’m confident it’s broadened my job opportunities in my preferred career path of Aircraft Management!

    Erika G.
    Graduate Aerospace Engineer
  • I thoroughly enjoyed the Project Management course and thought Stephen was an excellent facilitator. The course took us step by step through the process and tools required to set up and implement a successful project and I came away feeling like I could immediately apply what I had learned within the context of my work. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone wanting to learn more about project management in a very hands on and easy to understand way.

    Joelle Auffrey
    Senior Consultant
  • The ETM Project Management Essentials Course provided me with a strong understanding of the fundamental principles on what constitutes good project management. The two day course has an excellent blend of the theoretical basis of project management applied to practical projects often emanating out of the experience of the attendees. Stephen’s enthusiasm and experience in project management shone through in his delivery of the course which I would highly recommend to anybody desiring an understanding of project management principles or contemplating more intense studies in the profession.

    Michael Meyer
    Dept of Community Planning & Development
  • The ETM Project Management course provided me with the knowledge and skills that I needed to improve the timing and quality of work that is being produced in my team. Stephen was great facilitators taking the time to ensure the entire group was up to speed at all times, and in complete understanding of the principles being taught. I would definitely recommend this course for anyone who feels their team / company needs could improve from project management essentials. Thanks Stephen!

    Aaron Perera
    [id] Digital Agency
  • Stephen has that success factor that all great trainers have and that is he cares about sharing his knowledge, he is passionate about his work, and he focuses on the learning experience of his students

    Peter Taylor
  • I’ve had the recent privilege of attending Stephen’s two day “Project Management Essentials” course. Stephen is a born trainer, knows the subject in intricate detail and was able to draw on real life examples to enhance the
    learning of the group. I found the course fascinating and have certainly considered how the concepts taught could have been applied to various projects of varying difficulty encountered in my career thus far.

    Stephen’s style is very down to earth and he continually backs up and reinforces key principles and concepts to ensure that they are clearly understood. I would heartily encourage attending regardless of whether you think project management is a key component of your existing role or not. Stephen demonstrates that we are all involved in projects and that we are actual “project managers” from time to time.

    Stephen also demonstrates that the principles learned have application beyond your working life.

    Ken Marshall
  • I recently had the benefit of attending an intensive PMP course that Stephen facilitated. Stephen is a passionate and engaging trainer, which is well demonstrated in his strong approach and understanding of adult learning.

    Stephen has extensive experience and knowledge across a number of fields, and he is therefore able to bring a significant breadth of examples to his training to aid understanding and interest. Combined with this is Stephen’s ability to articulate complex ideas in practical, relevant and simple terms, which serves as a great asset to those that learn with him. His ease and seemingly effortless approach to the training each day belied the huge amount of work, preparation and depth of knowledge that underpinned the course, which went very smoothly. Something I also acknowledged was Stephen’s openness and enthusiasm to the experience and ideas of attendees, and his ability to relate the concepts being trained on, to their own experience, or bring it back on track if necessary, with explanation.

    Overall I found Stephen to be a balanced, engaging and energetic trainer/facilitator. I originally found Stephen’s course through the recommendations of others, I would not hesitate to add to those recommendations myself.

    The aspect of Stephen’s approach that shone through most during the course is that he does not just “talk the talk” of project management, but he is genuinely impassioned by project management and its importance and benefit in being performed at a world-class level. Indeed, this attitude, coupled with Stephen’s mindset of creating “project leaders” – not just project managers – demonstrates his commitment to being at the forefront of project management, and ensuring others are too. This commitment and passion is part of what makes Stephen and engaging trainer.

    Stephen noted that across all lines of business and industries, there is a big difference between those that simply manage, and those that lead. If all strategic change happens through projects, it seems obvious that projects being truly led, rather than just managed will be a differentiating aspect for organizations in their pursuit of strategic advantage. Stephen is clearly dedicated in helping to ensure there are project managers out there that are skilled enough to be the project leaders of the future.

    Russell Newberry
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